Class Dismissed

by Occraz


“You’ve highlighted your hair again! Love the colour,” Meghan said, as she chewed on a stick of bubble gum while twirling her auburn hair. “The girls and I are going to the finale tonight, did ya hear?” The scent of raspberry and cleaning chemicals filled the air.

“I haven’t heard from anyone yet, but oh my goodness, it sure sounds like it would be delightful.” Laura said, just before the school bell rang to start another dreary Monday morning.

“Suzy is now going steady with Garry. They’re like the bestest of friends, did ya hear?” Meghan asked.

The old copy of Dorian Gray slipped from Laura’s hand falling hard on the hallway floor. Kelly approached and snatched the book from the floor before Laura could reclaim it. Droves of students made their way down the stairs to get to their classrooms before the resentful Mr. Love began his rounds to herd the tardy. He was already close to fulfilling his quota for this evening’s detention.

“Hmmm, any love letters to Meghan’s boyfriend in here, Laura?” Kelly asked with a smugness that only Helly-Kelly could muster. “Oh, and hiii Meg,” she said, then smiled showing off her pearly whites.

“Give it back, Kel,” Laura said while reaching for the book.

“Make me bitch.”

Meghan continued before Kelly could go on: “The girls and I are going out for burgers and shakes on Friday, did ya hear? No, no you didn’t—you did not. Do you wanna know why, Laura? It’s because you’re a backstabbing bitch! That’s why, Laura. A backstabbing bitch!” Meghan chomped on her bubble gum showing Kelly her beaming face, quite proud with the artfulness of her attack!

Backstabbing bitch!
Backstabbing bitch!
Backstabbing bitch!

The hallway echoed these words, but only in the confines of Laura’s own mind. She envisioned the river of blood that was to flow from Meghan’s head at the bottom of the staircase. She envisioned the heartless Mr. Love performing CPR on her lifeless little body. She envisioned a romantic evening at the Drive-in with Stanley—his hand slowly making its way up her leg.

“…well, it all kinda seemed like a good idea at the time, teehee.” she would later write in her journal at 32 Division.